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All are welcome here
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We are lucky to live near a beautiful city! How many examples of Science Technology Engineering and Math can you find in this photo?
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Encourage experimentation, collaboration and fun with friends
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Nature: the preeminent engineer
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Dream big!
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STEM is amazing! Visit the Mirror Maze at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
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Well engineered for flight
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Patterns inspire us
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Wondering is wonderful!
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Engineering in his future?

Thank you for visiting our STEM Team website; we are part of the DuPage County Regional Office of Education. Our goals are to encourage awareness of and engagement with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) content, processes and careers. The events and activities hosted by our Team focus on middle school grades and include educators, students, and parents. We collaborate with schools, businesses and community organizations in the County in our quest for all to embrace STEM.


Featured Events

If you would like to have your STEM event, or STEM at your school featured, let us know. We’ll come for a visit, talk to participants and organizers, and take some photos. Contact us at stem@dupageroe.org

STEM at our Featured School



We’ll be there. Come join us for a STEM-filled day!

Summer 2018 STEM Opportunities

We often have requests for summer camp information, so check out the list we’ve begun.

STEM Summer Camps Opporturnities