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Thank you for visiting our STEM Team website; we are part of the DuPage County Regional Office of Education. Our goals are to encourage awareness of and engagement with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) content, processes and careers. The events and activities hosted by our Team focus on middle school grades and include educators, students, and parents. We collaborate with schools, businesses and community organizations in the County in our quest for all to embrace STEM.


New! STEM Starter
STEM Starters


Why Do Birds Flock Together


Read down the list of relationships on the left and match it with its counterpart on the right to create an analogy.
Describe the relationship in words.

Road Dashes STEM Starter

Road Dashes

Have you ever thought about the dashes down the center of a road?
How long do you think they are? Without using a ruler or checking on line, how would you check your answer?

Candle Flame on Earth vs Space

Image Credit: Science@NASA

Candle Flame on Earth vs Space

Compare a burning candle on Earth to a candle burning in Space on the International Space Station (ISS).


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Calling All DuPage School Educators!

We invite you to browse our website for loads of STEM information, including resources you can use in your classroom and with families, or just to have some fun. Because we value you and the wonderful work you do for DuPage children, we are offering some great prizes in our Website Challenge. And here is the Challenge. Peruse the site pages as you look for the answers to the questions posed on this google form. Simply complete the form to officially enter the Challenge. Winners will be randomly selected from those entries that have at least eight questions answered correctly, so answer as many as you can to ensure your chance to win. One submission per person please!
Entries will be accepted from October 1st through November 1st. Winners will be notified and may choose their prize from the prize list.

Teacher Challenge

View the Videos From our “Showcase Solutions” Event!

Small teams of middle grade students collaborated to create videos addressing one of these concerns and possible solutions:

Bees Please! Protecting our pollinator populations
Rethink Rubbish Responsible use and disposal of resources
Learning, Forward Improving virtual education


Congratulations to all students for their creative work on these projects!

Glenside Middle School

Tioga Elementary School

Blackhawk Middle School

Francis Granger Middle School