STEM, NGSS and Fermilab

DuPage educators visited Fermilab to be awed by particle physics! A tour of the neutrino experimental facilities was led by experts. The teachers were challenged to integrate this new learning—about the hunt for neutrinos as well as the practices the scientists, engineers and technicians use in that hunt—into their classrooms.

Check out Neutrino Physics at Fermilab and then browse our pictures.

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Physicists,engineers and technicians talk about their work
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It takes a village to find a neutrino
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At the Liquid Argon Test Facility
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Teachers are fascinated by the building and testing of target system devices for the neutrino and muon experiments
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Life-long learners
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The scientists were excited to talk about their work
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Learning about the NOvA project
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Neutrinos will travel 500 miles to Minnesota
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Back to ground level, since we didn't see any neutrinos LOL
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Fermilab is an amazing facility right in our own backyard