After School STEM

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Making a cake in a mug at Edison Middle School, Wheaton
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Cooking = chemistry, and cooking = fun, so chemistry = fun
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Robots after school? Excellent! Burr Ridge Middle School is a first year partner.
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This young man is working with an Ozobot at Burr Ridge MS
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These mini robots are programmed to read color patterns.
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Experimenting with codes
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A cooperating class at Jefferson Middle School, Villa Park
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Glen Crest Middle School in Glen Ellyn is a three-year After School STEM partner.
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Using LEGOs to demonstrate chain reactions
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Many engineers credit LEGOs with giving them their original engineering interest.
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Pumpkin Pursuits at Leman Middle School, West Chicago
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Collaborating and cooperating
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Ready to race!
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Pumpkin Jack must travel the track--the longest distance.
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Mixture Mania fun
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Students at Leman School concoct something eerie.

After School STEM, a DuPage ROE STEM outreach program, is in its fourth year. The program’s mission is to share engaging experiences with middle and junior high school students and staff, in an informal setting, after school. In addition, we hope to encourage and even assist schools in developing their own STEM Clubs or similar learning experiences. Our team members bring all of the supplies for the event, and the programs boast a range of STEM topics. Robotics, STEM Snacks, Pumpkin Pranks and Mixture Mania, and Electrifying Experiences are some of our programs for this year. We’re booked for 2018-2019—something to consider for next year?