STEM Starters Archive

Viruses - STEM starter Soda Can
Describe what will happen to the soda when the can is opened after being shaken.

Viruses - STEM starter Can you list 5 human diseases caused by viruses?
Try to list 5 viral diseases that you have been vaccinated against.

The Misfit - STEM starter The Misfit
One of these is unlike the others.
Which is it and why?

Ibn Wandrin has lost his way - STEM starter What is the area of this trapezoid in square units?
For what careers is finding areas an important skill?

Ibn Wandrin has lost his way - STEM starter Think Outside The Box
Can you think of a letter that does NOT fit the criteria?
Could you have done it with less work? why or why not?

Ibn Wandrin has lost his way - STEM starter Ibn Wandrin has lost his way
Give him directions to get him back to where he started.
How did you arrive at that answer?

Order! Order! STEM starter Taken from Hubble Telescope
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and TSTcl
Answer one of the questions and be prepared to share your finding

Order! Order! STEM starter Order! Order!
Which combination gives you a number other than 5?

Calculator Mental Math
Choose the correct answer to these questions:
89 x 4,231
339 ÷ (2/3)

predator prey on the snow What is This?
Find a picture on the internet that supports your hypothesis

predator prey on the snow Around v Through
If it takes 15 minutes to drive around a city, how long do you estimate that it would take to drive through that city?

predator prey on the snow What happened here?
Explain your idea using evidence from the picture.

St. Regis Tower - Jeanne Gang St. Regis Tower
The Tower's shape is known as frustums designed by Jeanne Gang.
What is a frustum?

Frozen Bubble STEM starter Frozen Bubble
This photo was taken on the coldest day of 2021!
What are these objects, and explain why you think so.

Fugnus STEM starter Fungus
Fungus are important to ecosystems. Use this photo to explain why.