Thank you for visiting our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) website; we are part of the DuPage County Regional Office of Education. Our goals are to encourage awareness and engagement with STEM content, processes, and careers. The events and activities hosted by our team focus on middle school grades and include educators, students, and parents. We collaborate with schools, businesses, and community organizations in DuPage on our quest for all to embrace STEM.

STEM Starters


STEM Starters is taking a break for the summer!


Have you seen many around your house? Your neighborhood?
Do you have a cicada story from this emergence?


How can these plants grow through asphalt?

Fun for:


You can use these starters to engage students as they enter class and get seated. This type of activity is sometimes referred to as bell work, or a bell ringer.


You can use these to spark an after-dinner discussion, a game night or an exploration.

STEM Nerds

Just nerd out with us.


Click “Get Starter” button to see the full challenge, from there you’ll scroll to a second slide to see the solution. Check back weekly to see new Starters.

DuPage Educators: We are here to support you.

One of our favorite questions is, “How can we help?”

  • Arrange to borrow one or more of our 15+ STEM Trunks, which include supplies for a variety of activities for your class of K-12 students.  We deliver and pick up the trunks, which are large plastic bins filled with STEM stuff.
  • Schedule one or more of our After School STEM Workshops for your middle school students.  We bring all of the materials and facilitate the activities.  A STEM Club meeting is appropriate, or you can schedule a special after-school event.
  • Check to see if we are available to facilitate an activity for your school’s STEM Night or Special Interest Day.
  • Work with a STEM Squad member to plan STEM events or activities.
  • There is no cost to your school district for our services.
  • Contact Mary Biniewicz, our STEM Squad leader at mbiniewicz@dupageroe.org

District 93 recently borrowed some of our STEM Trunks.  Check out what we offer and consider how you might use them during the 24-25 school year.