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Thank you for visiting our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) website; we are part of the DuPage County Regional Office of Education. Our goals are to encourage awareness and engagement with STEM content, processes, and careers. The events and activities hosted by our team focus on middle school grades and include educators, students, and parents. We collaborate with schools, businesses, and community organizations in DuPage on our quest for all to embrace STEM.

STEM Starters


Compare these breakfast cereals. Which would you choose as the best for your health?


Which is quoted in red?
Which is quoted in blue?


There are five ways you can arrange four congruent squares to form a polygon.

Fun for:


You can use these starters to engage students as they enter class and get seated. This type of activity is sometimes referred to as bell work, or a bell ringer.


You can use these to spark an after-dinner discussion, a game night or an exploration.

STEM Nerds

Just nerd out with us.


Click “Get Starter” button to see the full challenge, from there you’ll scroll to a second slide to see the solution. Check back weekly to see new Starters.


DuPage County Recycling Events

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is a mantra we’ve all heard. Studying and researching the “what”, the “why”, and the “how” each of these are accomplished are important STEM topics, relevant to your students. To start the discussion, use this list of upcoming recycling events in our county.

Our Upcycling Solutions Showcase was a big success, with 25 entries from 3 schools.

DuPage students, in grades 5-8, were invited to work with a team and create a video showcasing a solution to a real-life STEM problem related to upcycling, which is repurposing an item that is typically discarded. We’ve chosen six to represent the submissions. View all on our playlist, or view individual submissions below:

“Make Treasure Out of Trash” Liam Swiderski, Dhriti Patel, Lyana Sotelo, Shawn Stephen, 5th grade, Glenside School

“Soda Can Pot” Ella Jimenez, Ellery Larson, Sydney Becker, 6th grade, Wheaton Christian Grammar School

“Cardboard Shelves” Gabriel Norstrom, Xavier King, Yadira Wesby, 8th grade, Indian Trail Jr High

“Foosball Game” Samuel Garia Floresm, Musa Ahmed, Rodrigo Furlan, 8th grade Indian Trail Jr High

“Terrarium” Joshua Amorn-Vichet, Jazzlyn Nevado, Damien Braho, Makhi Haywood, 8th grade, Indian Trail Jr High

“Piggy Bank” Noel Gonzalez, Ivan Gamez, Isaac Griffin, 7th grade, Indian Trail Jr High

Thanks to the teachers and students who participated. We hope you will join us for a new challenge in spring 2023.


Representing Illinois this spring, the Gnarly Llamas of Wonder (G.L.O.W.), of Wheaton, were one of 108 teams participating in the FIRST WORLDS Robotic Championship in Houston. The team members demonstrated their innovative project and successfully operated their robot in challenge missions. Currently, their task is outreach in their county. Congrats to their team and sponsors. 
Learn more about FIRST LEGO League