STEM Resources

Does your child enjoy reading, watching or doing? Try these resources for ideas and inspiration. Have a site you’d like to share? Send us the link at and we may list it with your name and your review.

Open-ended games, kits, toys and crafts that promote critical thinking, problem solving, logic, and even coding are recommended at this site.

Fun physics videos and more. Your child can subscribe to Physics Girl’s YouTube channel or follow PG on Facebook.

Here you will find science news written for students from the Society for Science and the Public.

Interesting and inspiring videos and blog posts about scientists and engineers, as well as science and technology can be found here.

Do you want to inspire your child to explore careers in STEM fields? Here, she can read profiles of women with meaningful careers in the US government’s energy department.

This organization and its activities are in Texas, and targeted at empowering girls in STEM, but there are some interesting links and their programs may give your family some ideas.

This Naperville author has written many STEM stories and project books. Check them out at your local library. Download activity guides to supplement the books.

Does your child love science, technology, engineering and/or math? Check out this site to ponder STEM careers.

What are you and your children wondering about as you discuss our world? Ask your own question, or explore others’ wonders.

Try these math activities with younger kids.

Do your children ask questions about cells, the basic unit of all living things? “Explore, study and play” at this site.

You’ll find all sorts of songs for fun and maybe even some learning. Mr. Parr, a middle school teacher, rocks about science!

Is your family interested in astronomy and computers?

Magazines for Young and Old(er)

Here are some science/STEM magazines we think you’ll like.
Subscribe, purchase a gift subscription, look for them at your local library, or read online.

An award winning print magazine with interactive and engaging articles from “Gardening on Mars” to “Making sense of Illusions.” See sample articles and how their “augmented reality” works. Sign up for their monthly newsletter.

Science for the Curious, for older readers

The Magazine for Creative Minds at Play

The magazine of Life, Universe and Pie Throwing

The Official Journal of the National Geographic Society

Adventures in Science

Science and Technology News

The School Library Journal staff picks