Careers in STEM

Do you enjoy creating, making, or building? Do you like to plan or design things? Do you have your own ideas for making tasks easier or more efficient? Have you ever thought about problems in your community, or bigger problems in the world, and how they can be solved?

If you answered “yes” to some of the above, you might be interested in a career in a STEM related field! Our advice:

  • Look around you, and think about examples of science, technology, engineering, and math. Which examples excite you the most?
  • Visit STEM places. Check out our Places to Go for ideas.
  • Browse Things to Do for more info. As you participate in different activities, you just might find a passion or confirm one you already have!
  • Talk to relatives, friends, and elders. Ask about their jobs. Which are of interest to you?

The internet is chock full of information on STEM careers. Here we list some that we think are interesting. Google your other ideas.

Sponsored by the US Department of Labor, explore careers, take an interest assessments and more.

What are STEM careers?  Is one right for me? Why the demand for STEM professionals? Explore their resources.

Explore these videos profiling people in a range of STEM careers–from a sports data scientist to an oceanographer.

Why STEM? STEM Careers, Advice to Students, Self Learning and online education sites can be found here. Resources for students, educators and parents with NASA links and more.

21 In-Demand STEM careers with duties and salaries. Advice from one of the leading online hiring platforms.

Choosing a STEM Career is a lesson plan with multiple resources.

Short videos featuring professional engineers. You will also find different types of engineering described. 

“Flagship Guides” and “Your Future” Guides.  Scroll to “Your Future in STEM,” note other career paths, too.

Exciting STEM careers you’ve probably never thought about. is a youth-led movement for good.

Explore your STEM future with the Army National Guard.


2:57  People in a variety of STEM careers give general information about their jobs.

3:15  An overview of careers in the STEM cluster.  This is one of a series of videos from CareerOneStop.