About STEM DuPage

STEM DuPage has been developed as a resource for residents in and outside of the county by the STEM team at the DuPage Regional Office of Education. The website was proposed by a community advisory committee that included educators, as well as business and community leaders. It was originally built with assistance from the DuPage Workforce Board.
The goals of our website are:

  • To provide information
  • To encourage connection and collaboration
  • To motivate curiosity, learning, and play in STEM fields

The overarching ambition of the STEM team is for everyone to have opportunities engaging with STEM experiences in classrooms, at home, and in our community.

Susan Camasta is a member of the STEM team and the content manager of this website. You can contact Susan at stem@dupageroe.org.

The DuPage Regional Office of Education

The DuPage Regional Office of Education supports DuPage County schools with a wide range of programs and efforts.

  • Dr. Darlene Ruscitti – Regional Superintendent
  • Dr. Mary Biniewicz – STEM Team Leader
  • Dr. Susan Camasta – STEM Team
  • Ms. Linda Korbus – STEM Team
  • Ms. Nancy Nega – STEM Team
  • Ms. Laura Riley, STEM Team
  • Ms. Patricia Zriny – STEM Team

For more information about the DuPage ROE, please visit their website at https://dupageroe.org